About our foundation

Why we help

SOL aims to:
-Provide a secure and loving day care shelter.
-Provide alternative education and homework assistance.
-Develop children’s moral, spiritual and social skills.
-Provide food, clothing and medical assistance.

*Our history

Our story began with a few people who cared for the children of Lebanon’s poor and undeveloped areas such as Nabaa. They started visiting families to offer support and assistance. To our surprise, we found many people of different backgrounds and religions requesting help with their children. As a result, with the help of God and many friends, we rented two apartments in March 2006 creating the “Spring of Life” center for at risk children. From the beginning, we took many of the children to summer camps and were touched by their educational, spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. We were welcomed into their homes and quickly earned their trust to become extensions of their family’s lives.


n December 2008 we merged as a sub-unit of “Iman Mutabadal”, a registered non-government organization in Lebanon, who undertook large scale social work in Nabaa and Bourj Hammoud district. In March 2010 we expanded our two apartments and became a part of the LIFE CENTER in Bourj Hammoud, where we educate, shelter, and feed around 100 at-risk children per day of ages 6-14 coming from various religious and cultural backgrounds. The children are divided into two remedial programs: A morning program for alternative education, and an afternoon program for homework assistance.


Most of the children live in poverty and often come from dysfunctional homes. Furthermore, some have to work to make a living. They have either dropped out of school, or cannot attend at all due to lack of proper documentation or other reasons such as: repetitive failing or behavioral problems, and no one to offer them any type of educational support or assistance.

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