Woman in Action

SOL Women’s Committee Launched

On March 1st 2011, SOL Women’s Committee (Sadikat SOL) was launched in Hotel Padova. Sadikat purpose is to come up with creative ideas to sustain Spring Of Life Center for children at risk such as organize brunches, dinners, marathons. The committee organized its first activity for SOL children on May 2nd 2011. All children in the morning program were invited to Jounieh Public Garden where they played and enjoyed ice-cream and lunch with some of the volunteers and their children. One of these volunteers came once a week to read a story for the pre-school class. If you are interested in supporting SOL through this committee, please contact us : 70-282503

Ladies Christmas Lunch 2013

Ladies Brunch 2013

Tasty Ladies’’ Brunch
The SOL Women’s Committee organized a Ladies’ Brunch at Life Center on May 15. The hall was filled with women who enjoyed delicious food and a very special performance by the Lebanese artist Sabine as well as songs by SOL children. All proceeds went to support SOL. Our heartfelt thanks go to you all who have blessed us through your involvement in this event.
It was a beautiful brunch! bravo to all the organizers and helpers you did an amazing job! We were touched to see the children's happy faces as they performed their song and it was great to see the high attendance! we had a wonderful time and we know the children were blessed!

Ladies Brunch 2012

The first ladies brunch for sadikat SOL was @ Hotel Padova on May 9 2012, with the Lebanese Actor " Mrs. Betty Tawtal "